Build your Own Website Series – Step 1 > Domain Registration

Build your Own Website Series – Step 1 > Domain Registration

So you want to build your own Website?
Part One >>> Domain Names

So you’re all amped up about creating your own website, and you just can’t wait to dive in and get your hands dirty! Believe me I understand that feeling. But before you can start creating you need to tick a few administrative boxes.

First of all you need to decide on a domain name, make sure it is available, and purchase it.

Will you buy a dot com or a dot au address?
The very first point to address , especially for Australian businesses, is that if you want to buy a domain name you need to decide on whether you want to buy a domain name ending in au or com.

If you have a business that you intend to grow internationally it is always good to get a dot com address, perhaps as well as an AU address. However, if you are a small business who hopes to continue making a modest amount of money selling locally then ideally you will want a domain ending in au, because your market are going to be best pleased about dealing with someone local.

In order to get an au address you need to have a business registered in Australia whose company name or business name is the same as or strongly associated with the au domain that you are attempting to purchase. You will be asked to provide your CAN or ABN to the registrar when you come to purchase your domain… so make sure that you can justify that domains association with your companies name or main business purpose or your claim may be delayed.

 What is a Registrar?
A registrar is the company through which you will buy your domain name.. or your or dot com.
Two examples of registrars are or
Some registrars charge more for domains than others. In recent times, being the domain hoarder that I am, I have found GoDaddy to be more economical… but have a look around and make your own decisions. Got an opinion on this subject? I would love to hear it as education is power! Leave your comments below.

Which is the best domain name for me?
1. One that is not taken .. ahhahaha 😛
2. Consider your type of business and your market when making a domain name decision.

– If you offer specialty services you may need to cast your net further, so don’t limit your market by getting a geographically specific URL
e.g. when you can get
Sometimes you will have to couple this with registering a new business name.
Some businesses will benefit from a niche URL. For example if you have a physical store you may lean more towards rather than

I am sure that with some thought and some searching through domain name finders on registrar’s websites you will come up with the domain name that is right for your business.
Look out for our next post in this series in the next couple of days.
“So I’ve registered my domain name, now what?” << coming soon.


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