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Personal Referrals – Lisa Wright



Director International Sales at Net Optics, Inc.

One of the functions of Lisa’s work as Channel Marketing Manager at Net
Optics was to aid communication and processes between the corporate office
and EMEA channel. Lisa worked closely with myself and Net Optics’ sole
distributor in Germany, ensuring that the distributor was kept across all
marketing communications, and advocating on behalf of the distributor for
the the provision and formalisation of processes and toolsets where needed.
Lisa also supported Net Optics direct resellers in Europe in a similar fashion

Lisa was always available out of working hours, when needed, to answer questions on Skype or
to host and mediate multi continental meetings. Lisa worked with the web development team
in corporate and Germany to assist in organising cohesion for translation of the .de website and
sharing of Google Analytics and AdWords.

Although Lisa does not mind getting her hands dirty, she also achieves great satisfaction from
obtaining big picture goals, and is able to rally teams and individuals to achieve greater benefits
for the channel and thus the business.
September 18, 2013, Uwe worked with Lisa at Net Optics Australia


Linda Boroff


The high quality of Lisa’s work—her excellent writing, business insights, and consistent willingness to contribute have benefited our team and company substantially. She is simply a delight to work with! From the start, Lisa impressed me with her insights into the needs of a project and her commitment to ensuring that the outcome is the best it can be. 

Lisa’s dedication to our reseller partners is unstinting; she always has her ear to the ground, looking for helpful ways to build advantage on their behalf. When we work together, she is proactive and prepared, well-versed on the subject matter, and extremely prompt in responding to communications. I’m very proud of the work we did together, including challenging case studies and up-to-the-minute newsletters. She is collaborative, diplomatic, and tireless in ensuring that every detail is correct. In all aspects of her work, from industry/technology matters to partner business concerns to product knowledge, Lisa demonstrates that she cares deeply and always gives her utmost.


Chris DuBurg

Graphic Designer

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Lisa in a creative capacity on several occasions. Her dedication and the way in which she advocates for quality service to the business partners she cares for is commendable.
Lisa demonstrates solid project management skills with the ability to tackle a large, complex and ambiguous projects. Her ability to influence and motivate others, gain cooperation from peers and support from direct and cross-functional management greatly contributes to the success of her programs.

Lisa is very knowledgeable regarding all aspects of marketing and channels. She simply knows what works and what doesn’t work. She quickly grasps the task at hand and creates a plan to execute. She is an excellent team player and would be a great addition to anyone’s channel team. It has been a sincere pleasure to have worked with Lisa.


Emily Ikuta

Demand Generation Specialist at Ixia

Lisa’s role as the Channel Marketing Manager made her a high impact member of the marketing team that defines, implements, and manages the channel marketing initiatives. Specifically with our resellers, EMEA and APAC channels. Lisa is a highly motivated team player, with a passion for network security, network performance, sales, and marketing excellence. Lisa not only trained and motivated our channel partner ecosystem but elevated it. Lisa has a deep understanding of corporate marketing, field marketing, and channel sales. Lisa raised awareness, creating demand, ROI analysis, budget and resource management, launched communications and ensured go-to-market readiness for the channel and strategic technology partners.

Lisa is a true asset to any company

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